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About Neil Grupp:

Neil Grupp has been cutting and styling hair for 11 years, working amongst high-end fashion and celebrity stylists and in the ultra-chic salons Warren Tricomi and Salon Buzz. Having trained with Eugene Souleiman, Duffy, and Sarah Potempa, Neil has gained incredible experience in editorial and celebrity styling.

Being on the set of Italian Vogue, French Vogue, W, and Elle magazine has allowed Neil to see the full amount of creativity and glamour that hairstyling has to offer. Having worked with his mentors on Emma Stone, Kristen Ritter, Whitney Cummings, and Christy Turlington, Neil has experienced what it takes to make women feel beautiful, both inside and out.

He feels blessed to have found his passion and love for the craft and this industry.

His motto is "Life is a Hair Party."