Dripbook's got an iPhone version : UPDATED.
Posted on 7th February 2010 by Alex Wright

On your iPhone or iPod Touch, head to m.dripbook.com and you can bookmark your own mobile Splash page at m.dripbook.com/YourUserName

You can browse Dripbook's index, find creatives, and show off all your public books, including video, on an interface built specifically for mobile screens.

As an update, if a viewer comes to your Flash-based exported website on a phone with no support for Flash, the viewer is automatically re-directed to a customized mobile display version of your exported website. You may need to re-export your website file to your server to implement this update. Head here for more information about that.


From: Jeffrey Dwayne , February 6th, 2009 : 07:56p.m. UTC
WOW!!!!! You guys pop my glock!!
From: Louise O'Shea , February 7th, 2009 : 02:16a.m. UTC
Yeah this is kool!! well done Drip Book
From: Achnaton Nassar , February 13th, 2009 : 08:38p.m. UTC
so smart art ..goed gemaakt
From: Alex Wright , October 13th, 2009 : 07:21p.m. UTC
We have redirects in place, and we may work on more... Thanks.
From: Alex Wright , October 25th, 2009 : 06:28p.m. UTC
Use m.dripbook.com/YourUserName - we can't put in custom redirects for individual creatives, and not everyone wants to see the mobile version. That's why we have the mobile address....
From: Jeffrey Dwayne , March 5th, 2010 : 09:34p.m. UTC
I don not like the new updated version at all!
From: Jeffrey Dwayne , March 8th, 2010 : 11:48p.m. UTC
How do you get to the original format?
From: Alex Wright , March 10th, 2010 : 05:37p.m. UTC
Hi Jeffrey- Nothing about the design has changed - only the features. If you're not seeing our mobile display properly, send us an email at support@dripbook.com and let us know about your phone's browser version.