Facebook is a Good Social Media Channel for your Marketing Efforts.
Posted on 28th January 2010 by jason moriber

I want to talk a little bit about the social network Facebook and why its a good channel for your marketing efforts.

Please note: there is a step by step how-to on how to install and use Dripbook's facebook app in the FAQ section

I recommend using facebook as way to keep in touch with people you already have a relationship with, even if its just an acquaintance. Facebook's direct, one to one, or symmetrical, connections means that people who are your friends on facebook have a higher likelihood of seeing and reacting to the items you post there than on other networks such as twitter where attention can be a bit more fleeting. now, twitter is a different animal, so I dont want to compare the two, as both are key tools to your social media efforts.

The main "river" of information on facebook is the newsfeed (the column of information down the middle), this is where the updates from all of your friends are posted for your review.

Everyone views their own unique feed, which quickly fills up with posts and comments from the wider circle of friends. Similar to Linkedin, you are linked to a larger audience through your friends. So if a friend comments on one of your images, their friends will see that your friend was active with you, potentially bringing attention to you.

BUT this is not the main reason to use facebook, the main reason is to keep the contacts you have on facebook updated about what you're up to.

So, if you're an image maker and you update your portfolio, you'd want to share that info with your posse on facebook. Your posse could include a wide mix of types of contacts, mine sure does, from high school mates, college chums, ex girlfriends, but also business contacts, artists I admire, and peers in the industry. They are all valid, you never know what opportunities can arise.

I asked the artist Brett Beyer to take some screenshots for us (for the above screen-cast) of his newsfeed and some images of how the Dripbook app looks at Facebook. For Brett, who shoots photo as well as video, it's important for him to update his portfolios on Facebook, and the Dripbook Facebook app makes this process to be as easy and quick as possible. With Dripbook's app, Facebook is automatically updated when you maker updates at Dripbook.

Unlike email marketing, the people on Brett's friends list are open to seeing the imagery, they've already opted-in to be his friend, it's part of the fun of facebook to receive and comment on these types of notifications.

Facebook is a key tool, it's a great way to keep your network informed on what you're up to and a great way to share your new work with contacts who are interested in seeing it.

if you have any questions, please post them at the bottom of this page in the comments area, I'm happy to answer them.

Until next time, thanks!