Exported Websites updated for increased Search Engine Optimization.
Posted on 7th February 2010 by Alex Wright

This is an important update for anyone with an exported Website using the Dripbook Sites feature. We've made a number of improvements to increase the Search Engine Optimizations of your Website. In order to realize these improvements, you will need to re-export your Website file to your Web host. That's all you have to do.

While the full explanation of the changes is a bit dorky and technical, here's a normal person's explanation: search engines like Google have a hard time seeing into Flash based Websites in order to index them. So, we built a non-Flash, pure HTML version of your Website that "lives" behind the Flash display. This non-Flash HTML version has been created just for Search Engines like Google to index and search the content of your Website. Search engines like Google can then rank you better based on the information made available to them.

The Art Directors get to see the Flash version, and the Search Engines get to see a non-Flash version. Everyone is happy.

And, if a client is looking at your website on an iPhone, a link apears right at the top that says "For an iPhone / Android mobile version click here." That link sends a phone viewer straight to our optimized iPhone / Android display complete with image and video presentations made just for phone displays.

In order to take advantage of these updates, here's what you have to do:

1) Head to your Controls > Export > Dripbook Sites.

2) Choose the template you're using.

3) If you have no updates to the configuration of your Website, head straight to "Step 4. Export your Dripbook Site."

4) In the last page of the export process, re-export your "index.html" file to your server.

That's it!

One note : : All the content of your exported Website is automatically synchronized with your Dripbook account - if you add images or make updates to books on Dripbook, you don't need to re-export your Website file. The changes are automatic.

However, in the future, changes to this Search Engine friendly HTML page are not automatic and are not synchronized. So, if you make a big change to your account, it's a good idea to go ahead and re-export the Website file.

Please let us know if you have any questions .


From: Mario Sughi , February 15th, 2010 : 10:33p.m. UTC
it sounds really good. however I felt that my page was already pretty entirely Google searchable (and in a way I was surprised). Now I know that Google can be bit fossy. If they think that someone is cheating they can remove a website from their index with no warnings. Now in this case is not cheating is only to help Google to find and index someone's pages, so it should be fine, but with Google you never exactly now what could happen next... Thanks again Dripbook. I am going to realoding my file (fingers crossed! joking a bit)