Dripbook announces four new exported website designs.
Posted on 15th December 2011 by Alex Wright

We're proud to announce four totally new designs for exported websites. These new designs were re-built from the ground up and feature fresh looks as well as new functionalities including full-bleed Splash page images, larger images for larger monitors, and larger video displays.

So let's get on to the fun part - what do these new designs look like?

The FilmGrid Slider (Flash) design :

Each genre is presented with all the books "open" showing a wide range of work right away. Main images are presented with a slider.

Monica Chamorro Retoucher

The Left Select (Flash) design :

Navigation is a column to the left. Books are displayed with thumbnails first. Main images are presented with next + back selections.

Luzena Adams Photography

The Key Select (Flash) design :

All books are presented visually using the book's key image. Main images are presented with next + back selections and thumbnails.


The Key Slider (Flash) design :

All books are presented visually using the book's key image. Main images are presented with a slider.

Cynthia Rose - Makeup Artist

Looking for more examples? Here's 100+ examples of websites using all 12 of Dripbook's designs for exported websites.

These four new designs offer all the same features of the previous designs - your portfolio created on Dripbook can be presented as a stand-alone, personal, customized website. Your exported website automatically updates itself anytime you update your Dripbook porfolio. And the exported websites have custom mobile displays for iPads, iPhones, and Android phones as well as custom backends optimized for search engines.

Now let's get on to the funner part - how do you use these new designs?

Head to QuickNav > Export > Exported Websites, choose one of the designs, configure it, and export your new design to your web host.

Here are some important details when thinking about using these new designs:

• Dripbook's new web designs operate best with larger images. We are now asking that you upload images at least 2,000px high. Smaller images will work but may not look as good.

• Dripbook's new web designs work best with high definition video - We are continuing to ask that you upload video at 720p or 1080p.

• Dripbook's new web designs use larger Splash images and work ideally with Splash page images of a certain aspect ratio. We suggest that you upload Splash images from 3,500px wide by 2,000 px high to 3,000px wide by 2,000 px high. You are free to try any sizes you'd like.

• If you'd like to make a logo with a transparent background as shown here , check this FAQ with detailed instructions.

Let us know if you have any questions.


From: Charles Olsen , January 3rd, 2012 : 06:30p.m. UTC
I've uploaded the new site and it looks great. I've added new splash images with no problems. Thanks!