We added a new HTML5 uploader for Chrome, Firefox + Safari.
Posted on 26th April 2012 by Alex Wright

We added a new HTML5 uploader for browsers that support the technology, currently Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox. The uploader allows for drag-and-drop adding of images and video to the upload queue as well as an updated, non-Flash uploading mechanism for multiple files. We think it's pretty cool.

Dripbook's new HTML5 uploader

Dripbook's new HTML5 uploader

We'll be updating the uploader to include it for other browsers as soon as they update to use the required HTML5 APIs.

Our uploader is built to convert and re-size your images and video for you. We can take in images and video in just about any non-proprietary format. We ask for images that are at least 2,000 pixels high and video that is 720p or larger. So beyond uploading large and good looking images and video, don't worry about doing a bunch of annoying resizing and re-formatting. Let our diligent robot do the work instead. Here's some FAQs with more information.

Let us know if you have any questions, and keep those images and videos coming in. Looking good!