Dripbook Worldwide: Petra van Raaij
Posted on 10th September 2014 by Will Daniels

By Lisa Dressler

Continuing our series discussing a host of photography topics with Dripbook photographers from all over the globe, we interviewed Petra Van Raaij of Berlin, Germany.

What and/or who inspires you?

Woman & their sensuality inspires me, as does nature with its raw elements; Sea... Sky... Wind... Sunlight ... Landscapes ... Trees, Leaves, Flowers, Animals. Also, great photographers with a strong personal style, that creates timeless pictures. Images that live from emotion and a strong mood... To sum it up, all that has soul, inspires me.

What has been the greatest location you have ever worked at?

I have more than 1 favorite Location. One of them, I visited a couple of months ago. I worked for a Belgian fashion client in an African landscape with wild animals, red earth and beautiful mountains in the background. I shot the model with elephants and zebras. That was an absolutely amazing experience/ location!

Also, a couple of years ago I shot for a Dutch swimwear client, in a beautiful nature reserve in Thailand with warm, tropical water, where beautiful colored fish, like the Sergeant Pepper, were swimming around me while I was shooting (in a bikini), standing half way down, in turquoise, clear, water. The day before, I saw a huge turtle in the sea while I was in a little, wooden, boot, shooting and hopping from one island to the other. This location was pure magic! :)

What would you like to be doing five years from now (job related)?

I would like to create beautiful, emotional, soulful films for beauty products and perfume, with high-end models and professional teams in landscapes that give people watching the film Goosebumps .

What, who and at what location would you like to shoot if you could choose?

I would love to shoot a Perfume Campaign with a famous actress or model, in a mystical African landscape, like the Namibian desert.

What makes photography in your country different from the photography in other countries?

I have worked on jobs in Europe, America, Asia and South Africa. You can work with highly professional people everywhere and if not, than you can bring your own team with you. For me there is not so much difference in quality depending on the place where I work, but much more based on who I work for and/or with.

And how is it different to work with people from Germany compared to people from other countries?

German teams are in general very professional and all works like clockwork. Everybody is on time and work is taken very seriously. South African teams are maybe a little more relaxed on a job, the atmosphere lighter, more bubbly. But in the end, I find it has to do with the personality and personal taste, how Professional people work, not so much with where they come from.