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Unruly Heir F/W 2008.
Posted on 5th February 2008 by

7 o'clock Saturday night at the East Village Yacht Club , Unruly Heir invited a fashionable crowd to view their F/W 08' collection

First of all - I've heard the EVYC had a bad reputation, more or less, lame reviews/bad crowd/ps. why is it in East Village? Maybe it was my low expectations but I kind of liked it, it reminded me of my friends' basements that I would hang out in during high school - I'm from Connecticut, relax.

A smorgasbord of male models were perched on a round lounge in the center of the room, wearing a mix of preppy classics and NY street style. (At least that's what they keep telling me.)

The collection was called "Sidewalk Swindlers and Socialite Scoundrels" and tells the story of the boys who wear Italian silk pocket squares in their top pockets and a bottle of Jack in their bottom. - Or as they described it, "begs for charity in a black tie while slyly placing an extra shrimp in their tux pocket."

(Spend some time standing outside of Dalton and you'll see what I'm getting at.)

Gorgeous slim cut dress pants contrasted with worn and faded graphic t-shirts, (trading from seersucker the season before) herringbone hoodies with track jacket piping, plaid trousers altered into lounge pants (with tie-front closure!) and loosely fitted knee-shorts paired with popped collar polos, and in the middle of it all, a black velvet, satin-trim two-piece suit.

Basically, if your old prep school sweats and pressed custom-made suits merged into one when thrown into the bottom of your closet (before the maid steamed and re-hung them, of course.)

Snarky as ever, the pocket linings are printed with tongue-in-cheek graphics of a hooker's phone number, a rolled-up dollar bill, and a bottle of whiskey - also, the boys lounged while wearing a variety of novelty black velvet slippers, each embroidered with their own 'pinkies-up' design - well, except the pair of the pot leaf and the peace sign.

If this doesn't exemplify an "unruly heir," I don't know what will.

Duh. Hasn't anyone seen Gossip Girl?

photos by Julia Chesky