New displays for the new year.
Posted on 28th December 2007 by Alex Wright

Well, we've been working on making good things better. Check around Dripbook - both the "Left Right Slider" and the "Thumbnails" display modes have been modified. Your images are larger, and the displays have been cleaned up.

But the biggest changes are with the "Thumbnails" display mode. We've added a pre-loader and nice transitions between images. So the viewer can page through your images more easily, and your work comes across more professionally and smoother. It's a big change, check it out.

Here are some of my favorite "Thumbnails" books:

Kristian Holm's "Edit."

CircleCulture Gallery's "Jaybo aka Monk"

Siggeir Hafsteinsson's "Sine Tempor"

Jack Warren's "first generation magazine drawings"

If you'd like to change the display mode of your books, head to the Organize section , and look for "Presentation Method" in the book info.