Advertising in Resource Magazine.
Posted on 7th December 2007 by Alex Wright

Well, I suppose we shouldn't rely on blogs and word of mouth alone, although it's gotten us pretty far.

We've taken out this ad in the Winter 2007 / 2008 Resource Magazine . Alex and Aurelie are becoming our new friends - you should keep an eye out in New York studios, rental houses, and more for their publication. Soon to be expanding to other cities.

Thanks to all the included Dripbook artists for allowing their work to be used.


From: Omar Al-Zo'bi , December 7th, 2007 : 07:46p.m. UTC
That's brilliant, I'm really glad to be up there! Thanks Alex :)
From: Constantinos Papaconstantinou , December 7th, 2007 : 09:22p.m. UTC
Hey there's two of mine in this! Thnx!!:D:D I hope it brings a lot more people to our little special place here!!
From: Irma Ruslan , December 8th, 2007 : 06:31p.m. UTC
this is awesome. thank you so much :)