Dripbook Sites - Letting the Cat out of the Bag.
Posted on 25th January 2008 by Alex Wright

Okay. Probably shouldn't do this. But it's been months in the works, and it's fun to do things you shouldn't do.

Dripbook is ever closer to finishing our Dripbook Sites project. The quick and dirty is that you'll be able to export a full personal web site from Dripbook with customizeable colors, fonts, arrangement, etc.

Coming soon....

All your books and images on Dripbook will be dynamically fed into your site. Every time you change Dripbook, your site will change. So, you'll be able to have a fully customizeable personal flash web site out of Dripbook.

And, it'll all be free with a Premium account. Which is 100% more free than all the other expensive services you all know of.

Should be finished soon. So get your portfolios ready.

Here are some more _early_ design prototypes of the first two templates. There will be more following these two.

Thanks to Walker Hamilton and Jon Greene and Josh Minnich and the other good folks at VISICSWIRE in Chicago who are doing all of the very intense design and Flash and ActionScript work on the Dripbook Sites project.

And thanks to Erica Gray - the makeup artists who's work the designer used as an example in the first template.


From: BiKlops Design , January 25th, 2008 : 05:36p.m. UTC
This looks AMAZING! Could you please make the images in this post clickable/larger though as I can't really see the proposed designs very well. Great work, though. Can't wait!
From: Alex Wright , January 25th, 2008 : 06:25p.m. UTC
Okay. The images have been linked to bigger versions. These are _early prototype concepts_ though. The final working Flash sites have evolved since these were made. We'll be releasing two templates on the first release with the intention of adding more templates over time.
From: Alain Derderian , January 25th, 2008 : 06:37p.m. UTC
when will this be ready??
From: Konrad Jakubowski , January 25th, 2008 : 06:40p.m. UTC
Wow I'm blown away Alex I really am.
From: BiKlops Design , January 25th, 2008 : 07:26p.m. UTC
Thanks Alex! Even these early ones are rather beautiful. Especially the first. A question: Will it be easy for a somewhat savvy coder to implant just the gallery element? Does that make sense? For example, say I want to use the navigation, header, etc that already exists on my website but want to use the scrolling gallery of dripbook to display my portfolio. Possible? Will it be possible to restyle the templates with custom css classes?
From: Konrad Jakubowski , January 25th, 2008 : 07:30p.m. UTC
BiKlops I think you can expert a single component, for example the slideshow module.
From: BiKlops Design , January 25th, 2008 : 07:41p.m. UTC
dope. Dripbook rules.
From: Alex Wright , January 25th, 2008 : 08:30p.m. UTC
Thanks, Konrad, for the kind words.
From: geoffrey albores , January 25th, 2008 : 08:34p.m. UTC
Nice one Alex. I'm gonna be all over it!!!
From: Alex Wright , January 25th, 2008 : 08:36p.m. UTC
And BiKlops - there's a few answers to this. 1) Konrad is right. Right now, we offer our Premium users the ability to export the full size display modules in Dripbook. Head to http://www.dripbook.com/assets/widgets/minisite/ and you can copy and paste the code for the full size display modules into anywhere you want. 2) Premium users also have full access to the xml feeds of all their artwork - books, genres, images, captions, everything. Head to http://www.dripbook.com/assets/export/feeds/ and if you know what all this is, you'll find uses for it all. And 3) we're considering opening up the Flash code for the Dripbook Sites for knowledgeable developers to modify. It's mostly ActionScript, so you'd have to know what you're doing. We're not promising this, but if it works out, we'd like to give people the possibility of modifying these templates further.
From: Alex Wright , January 25th, 2008 : 08:40p.m. UTC
And Alain, we're not going to commit to a release date, but the development and testing should be wrapped up in about a month. If you (or anyone else) thinks they're going to be using this service, you can spend the next month getting all your books together, images uploaded and sequenced, captions entered, genres sorted out, etc. You may need to upgrade to a Premium account -http://www.dripbook.com/top/guide/upgrade/?title=upgrade . Then, when the Sites project is done, you'll be able to export a full site right away.
From: Alain Derderian , January 26th, 2008 : 04:35p.m. UTC
thanks alex! great work!
From: helene loussier , January 27th, 2008 : 11:04p.m. UTC
Bravo Alex ! This is EXCELLENT !
From: BiKlops Design , January 28th, 2008 : 06:34a.m. UTC
Alex--thanks, I've been admittedly lazy about checking up on Dripbook, but as I'm planning on creating a new version of biklopsdesign.com my first wish was to create the portfolio using Dripbook. If it work out, I"ll post the results here and if it doesn't I'll still recommend Dripbook to everyone I know--it's a genius web app with serious taste. Congrats!