Dripbook Sites Improved Again - Dripbook Goes Full Screen.
Posted on 16th October 2008 by Alex Wright

There's now a small checkbox that makes a big change in our popular exported Dripbook Sites. Dripbook now offers a full-screen display for each of our three Dripbook Sites templates.

This new feature is simple. With the new full-screen display, the presentation area of the exported Dripbook Sites will expand to fill the screen of the viewer.

Check below for three funcitonal examples of exported Dripbook sites that use the new full-screen funciton:

To use this feature, head to the Export section, go to Dripbook Sites, choose your template, and in the configuration settings, look for the "Full Screen" checkbox.

You will need to *RE-EXPORT* your index.html file to your Web host using the functions provided in Step 4 for the full-screen setting to take effect.

The new full-screen display will NOT expand images beyond the size Dripbook sends out - images will NOT be scaled larger. If a viewer has a very large screen, the images will only scale to an upper limit determined by the size of the images Dripbook delivers.

Likewise, the full-screen exported Dripbook Site template will only scale down to a reasonable size, beyond which the presentation window may cease to funciton well.

We hope you like the addition.


From: Dana Zheng , October 29th, 2008 : 06:14p.m. UTC
This is a GREAT feature!! Thanks so much.