"Featured in Dripbook" October 2008 Newsletter.
Posted on 28th October 2008 by Alex Wright

Here's the October issue of our "Featured in Dripbook" newsletter, sent to art directors, art buyers, bloggers, editors and others interested in checking out the work of artists on Dripbook.

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Thank you all for your support, and thanks to Harry Alexopoulos , PopulÄrgrafik , Jen Myles , and Brenda De Vries for taking part in this edition.

Featured in Dripbook - October 2008

From Dripbook HQ:

October marks Dripbook's first anniversary. To celebrate, here's a lineup of some of the talent on Dripbook.

To contact these featured artists and any other artists on Dripbook, look for the "Send a Message" link to the bottom right of any visual display page.

-- The Dripbook Crew

Featured in Fashion Styling :
Harry Alexopoulos - Wandsworth, United Kingdom
Harry Alexopoulos is a London based, Sydney native having majored in Fashion Design at the esteemed National Art School. Since moving to London, he has worked for publications such as Marie Claire as well as European publications such as Massiv, Zoot and Celeste. Most recently, he was instrumental in the production of the most recent Visa Swap show in London.
Featured in Graphic Design :
PopulÄrgrafik - Stuttgart, Germany
PopulÄrgrafik is a young design and art agency in Stuttgart, Germany. PopulÄrgrafik's work appears in young art and lifestyle magazines, posters, and flyers. Their work maintains an artistic style whether as a layout or a collage and they seek to give clients unique results for even everyday assignments.
Featured in Makeup :
Jen Myles - Brooklyn, New York
Jen Myles is a New York based makeup artist. Her love for art and color started at a young age, after studying Art Marketing she began to focus on her career as a Makeup Artist in Atlanta. Jen eventually moved to Brooklyn where she now resides and works on print, video and runway working for such clients as Genworth Financial, Six Degrees, The Weather Channel and Motion City Soundtrack.
Featured in Photography :
Brenda De Vries - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Brenda de Vries is an Amsterdam, the Netherlands, based photographer. Her photographs are influenced by fashion, architecture and technology, focusing on simplicity, graphic shapes and intriguing lights. Four years ago she started her professional career, building an interesting client list including Wrangler, Adidas, Asics, der Spiegel, and many more.

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