PictureSync is free on Christmas.
Posted on 13th December 2008 by Alex Wright

We just heard some great news from Jacob at Holocore / uVerse - the man behind PictureSync. He let us know that PictureSync will be free on Christmas day.

What's PictureSync? PictureSync is a really great program for easily uploading images into your Dripbook account. It's Mac only, but there's a PC version on the way. PictureSync does all the nasty work of uploading for you. It converts, flattens, compresses and uploads your pictures for you. Just drag and drop. Read more about PictureSync and how to use it with Dripbook here .

According to the Holocore blog:

"On Christmas day (wherever you are) simply launch PictureSync, choose 'Licence…' from the PictureSync menu and then click 'Licence Details'.

The licence will remove the limit on the number of accounts you can use at once. It will be valid for use with Pro apps (Aperture/xMedia) in current versions only. (Meaning in future versions if you want to continue using it with Pro apps you may need to purchase an upgrade.)"

Sergio Kurhajec had this to say about it: "PictureSync is awesome! Best 15 bucks I have ever spent" - and now you don't have to spend anything.

So mark your calendars and take advantage of this super kind offer. You'll be thankful.