Use Components to export your books to another Web site.
Posted on 8th December 2008 by Alex Wright

Here's a feature that's been around for a while, even though not all users know about it:

Dripbook's Components are a simple, yet highly versatile feature allowing you to export the your books in HTML format to another Web site. You can even construct your own personal, custom designed Web site around these Dripbook Components. What's best - the Components will always stay updated - change a book on Dripbook and your exported Components will change instantly.

Using Dripbook's Components will require you or a Web designer to know how to integrate the HTML code of your exported books from Dripbook into your Web site. This is a great option for those who want even more personal control and customization options.

To use Dripbook's Components, head to Export > Components. You'll need a *Pro or *Premium account to use this feature.

Here are two great examples of Components in use.

1) Nick Pironio built his Web site - - around Dripbook Components using the "Simple Horizontal Slider" Component style:

Here's what he had to say about using Dripbook's Components:

"It took me almost two years to get the site up and working. The majority of that time was spent on how I was going to be able to display my images in a more fluid way that would allow me to change the order and or replace images with out having to mess with image sizing and HTML every time I wanted to update (which is going to be frequent). So thanks for creating Dripbook and its components because with out it I would probably still be searching."

2) Holly Jones built her Web site - - around Dripbook Components using "Dripbook's Large Thumbnails" Component style:

Here's what she had to say about using Dripbook's Components:

"The Components feature is actually the only reason I recently upgraded my account. I make my own website, and since I'm not a total computer geek and really don't understand codes well,  there just are not any good options out there as far as good looking slideshows go. Dripbook's components are not only easy on the eyes they are extremely easy to attach to any web page."