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Posted on 4th March 2008 by Alex Wright

Dripbook now represents thousands of portfolios by thousands of artists from 55 countries in 25 genres. And Dripbook has managed to grow like this while keeping the quality of work high on account of our invitation-only status.

Let's keep it going. There's a lot more to cover.

So please help us grow larger while maintaining the high level of quality by sending invites to the best artists you know - illustrators, stylists, street artists, designers, hair and makeup artists, painters, photographers, and more. And there has been a lot of interest on Dripbook from art directors, ad agencies, magazines, and galleries. So keep them on your lists also.



From: plasmosis , February 5th, 2008 : 06:19p.m. UTC
This is amazing.
From: Stan Chisholm , February 5th, 2008 : 07:37p.m. UTC
pretty ill. the map is lovely
From: Alex Wright , February 5th, 2008 : 07:50p.m. UTC
That map is part of the Network Map. Head to your Network and look for the "Your Network Map" link. It's fun.
From: Brian & Femke Muntz , March 9th, 2008 : 11:37p.m. UTC
i see me !!!! yippie