The Home and Browse pages had a baby, and it looks good.
Posted on 14th July 2008 by Alex Wright

Check out Dripbook's new Home page designs and functions. We've combined the Browse and the Home pages together. They're all one now. So head Home to see the Browse pages.

To the right of the screen, look for the three viewing modes of the new browse functions: Small Grid, Large Grid, and Map.

The Map icon brings up a split screen world map. Choose any location and any genre and browse the results in the 4-up grid of artists. Pretty amazing, actually. Great for finding what you need. And great for others finding you. So make sure your map point is accurately placed in your Controls > Settings > Location.

Within the Small Grid and Large Grid views, viewers can specify whether to browse artists or books.

We hope you all like the changes. We think the added functionality will really help viewers find what they are looking for, including you.