Featured in Dripbook : : October 2009
Posted on 21st October 2009 by Alex Wright

Here's the October 2009 issue of our "Featured in Dripbook" newsletter, sent to art directors, art buyers, bloggers, editors and others interested in checking out the work of artists on Dripbook.

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Thank you all for your support, and thanks to Ninelle Efremova, Audrey Salomon, Kim Bower, and Suzie Quill for taking part in this edition.

To see a stand-alone version of the newsletter, head here.

Featured in Dripbook - October 2009

From Dripbook Headquarters:

Dripbook promotes professional visual creatives worldwide - photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, fashion stylists, and more. Take a look through the portfolios of these featured creatives and find even more on Dripbook.

To contact creatives on Dripbook, look for the "Send a Message" link to the bottom right of any visual display page.

-- The Dripbook Crew

Featured in Photography :
Ninelle Efremova -  New York, New York
Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Ninelle Efremova is a prominent music photographer who recently shifted her focus to fashion and design. With her cinematic style, Efremova's work is filled with movement and romance featuring beautiful and powerful women caught in moments of exploration and passion for living. Efremova's work has appeared in major publications in the United States and Europe, on album covers, and in national advertising. Some clients include Zink Magazine, Capitol Records, and Warner Music Group
Featured in Illustration :
Audrey Salomon -  Utrecht, The Netherlands
Audrey Salomon is an illustrator and fashion designer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. With her background as a fashion designer, she uses as inspiration fashion, music, and her personal world. Refined and sophisticated, Audrey's illustrations are created with a mixture of hand drawing, cut paper, and digital illustration. Some of her clients include Avantgarde Magazine, Marie-Claire and Tommy Hilfiger.
Featured in Makeup :
Kim Bower -  Brooklyn, New York
Kim Bower is a NYC based makeup artist originally hailing from California. She is most sought after for her light touch and clean makeup. Her work has been seen in Flaunt, Zink, Numero, GQ and many more editorial publications. She has collaborated with photographers from Antoine Verglas and Matthias Clamer to Markus Klinko & Indrani. She is currently represented by Artistic Cube.
Featured in Art Direction :
Suzie Quill -   London, United Kingdom
Suzie Quill is an art director who specializes in the beauty sector. Suzie's work is informed by a strong visual aesthetic and she understands that a successful brand needs to have equal collaboration of strategic insight, production values and solid leadership to be able create compelling platforms to speak to customers. Collaborating with world class photographers for global advertising campaigns, brands worked on include Hugo Boss, Pantene, Clairol, Remington, Look Magazine and Women's Aid.

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