Dripbook teams up with WIN-Initiative, a boutique stock agency.
Posted on 23rd September 2009 by Alex Wright

Dripbook and WIN-Initiative, a boutique stock agency, are joining forces to provide the imaging industry with fresh, innovative and relevant content.

For buyers of creative content, this partnership will offer new and fresh sources of material from image-makers worldwide who use Dripbook's promotional services.

For Dripbook creatives, this partnership will offer new opportunities to market their work through WIN-Initiative's image licensing and distribution channels.

Have questions? Here are some answers:

Q: Are all the images displayed on Dripbook available for sale through WIN-Initiative?

A: Definitely not. Each creative has the option to participate, and each creative has the option to choose which images to submit. Additionally, all images must meet WIN-Initiative's requirements.

Q: I'm a big fan of the work displayed on Dripbook. Where can I find the images that are for sale through this partnership?

A: WIN-Initiative will create a collection within WIN called the "WIN-Dripbook Collection." Please stay tuned for the release of this collection.

Q: I'm a creative using Dripbook's promotional services, and I'd like to take advantage of this partnership. How?

A: It's easy. Download this detailed information sheet. It's got all the details you need to make your first submission to WIN.

Q: What types of creatives can submit images?

A: Currently, WIN is only accepting work from photographers. In the future we hope to expand this to other arenas.

Need more information?

Head to WIN-Initiative's website or contact them via email.


From: Ope' Majek , September 23rd, 2009 : 04:14p.m. UTC
Congrats on the moves!
From: Alex Wright , September 24th, 2009 : 05:38a.m. UTC
Awww... Thanks. This should be a good move for photographers using Dripbook. And we're always working other angles to give added value to all creatives.
From: helene loussier , October 30th, 2009 : 03:36p.m. UTC
bravo !