The Creative Pulse Using Twitter Search.
Posted on 27th January 2010 by jason moriber

Here's a daily marketing excercise I do to keep my finger on the pulse of what people are talking about within the creative arena. In the demo below I show my process with a few keywords, but you can expand on this, using keywords that relate closely to your goals.

I typically spend about 10 minutes a day on this exercise. It's not a scientific research plan, but its a way for me to quickly get a sense of what is going on by reading through the "conversations" using these specified keywords. As an example, I start with the names of ad agencies such as "ogilvy ny" and "droga5," and then test out some related keywords such as "ad agency," and "digital agency."

First step is to go to , which is the homepage for Twitter search. You could go to your Twitter page and use the slot in the sidebar, but I prefer the search page. Once here you can enter the keywords and see what people are saying.

I started with the agency "droga5" and moved on to "Kaplan Thaler".

I learned that Droga5 is delving into Branded Content and that Kaplan Thaler recently won two new accounts, Wendy's and NAPA Auto Parts. if I'm going to market my work to either of these places, which since they are both being spoken about in the creative zeitgeist I probably should, I'll keep these notes and use them as part of my conversation. As an example, when I call on Kaplan Thaler I can congratulate them on their new gigs, speak to how my work can be useful for their upcoming campaigns, show my enthusiasm.

From this simple search I immediately learned of an opportunity or two, saw that many people were speaking about these places, and decided I should make my own opportunity by contacting them.

Give this a try on your own and if you have any questions please feel free to post them in the comments section below, I'm happy to answer them.


If you have a Twitter account, make sure to check out Dripbook's feature that automatically posts to Twitter whenever you create or update a book on Dripbook.