As Seen in Dripbook : : March 2010
Posted on 26th March 2010 by Alex Wright

Here's the March 2010 issue of our "As Seen in Dripbook" newsletter, sent to art directors, art buyers, bloggers, editors and others interested in checking out the work of artists on Dripbook.

There's a signup link to receive the newsletter in the footer of every page on Dripbook.

Thank you all for your support, and thanks to Kristiina Wilson, Nat Carroll, Sara Wilson, and Rebecca Handler for taking part in this edition.

To see a stand-alone version of the newsletter, head here.

As Seen in Dripbook - March 2010

From the Folks at Dripbook:

We're all about promoting professional visual creatives. Dripbook is the sweet spot where great photography, motion, illustration, styling and other creative professionals intersect with commerce. Check out these featured portfolios and be sure to stop by Dripbook to find even more inspiring work.

To contact creatives on Dripbook, look for the "Send a Message" link, found at the bottom right of any visual display page.

-- The Dripbook Crew

As Seen in Photography :
Kristiina Wilson -  New York, New York
Kristiina Wilson is a New York based fashion and beauty photographer. Her work has been featured in And Men, 7th Man, Dossier, Fault, Futureclaw, Karen, Let Them Eat Cake, Pilot, and Stimuli magazines. Kristiina's clients include NBC's Ugly Betty, Monique Pean, Jose Duran, Malini Murjani, LaCrasia, and Marimekko. She is represented by Photogroup.
As Seen in Illustration :
Nat Carroll -  Nijmegen, Netherlands
Australian designer Nat Carroll, currently living in the Netherlands, crafts her work with a voyage of ideas and visual problem solving. Nat is drawn to working alongside creative enterprises and individuals, as it may well be revealed in her folio with clients including Australian Music Centre, MusicNSW, Harbour Agency, and Setanta Sports.
As Seen in Makeup :
Sara Wilson -  Los Angeles, California
Sara Wilson is a Southern California native living in Los Angeles. She specializes in beauty makeup as well as hairstyling for commercial and advertising work. Most of her clients include brides, body builders, and celebrities.
As Seen in Retouching :
Rebecca Handler -   Brooklyn, New York
Rebecca Handler is a New York based high-end freelance retoucher. Her refined aesthetic and perspective have garnered her steady clients, both stateside and worldwide. Working intimately with clients, she is dedicated to helping them achieve their unique creative vision. Rebecca has worked with clients like Victoria's Secret, Showtime, Revlon, Oil of Olay, Redken, L’Oreal, Pantene, Grey, JWT, Publicis, GQ, Numero, Esquire, Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, Visionaire, Sebastian Kim, David Benjamin Sherry, and Marcus Pummer.

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