Dripbook looks great on the iPad.
Posted on 21st April 2010 by Alex Wright

Updated note - if you're looking for i nformation about Dripbook's iPad + iPhone App, head here .

Perhaps you didn't hear, but Apple released this thing called the iPad. So, since we heard that a couple of people were perhaps thinking that it could be used by some people, we made Dripbook work really well on the iPad.

Everything works great - video plays well, all the books navigate, and the whole thing looks beautiful (thanks to your work, of course).

Image books that you had set to display in the left-right slider mode all display as thumbnails, as that's better for the iPad's navigation.

Let us know if you have any questions...

-Alex and Bo

(Bo did all the hard work. I just waited in line at the Apple store. Which was also hard.)