The APA Awards 2010 National Photo Competition - $75,000 in prizes!
Posted on 10th September 2010 by Alex Wright

Our good friends at the APA - American Photographic Artists - have announced their 2010 National Photo Competition with a host of great prizes and judges : :

THE APA AWARDS 2010 NATIONAL PHOTO COMPETITION , open to both APA members and non-members, provides a great opportunity to showcase the work of talented photographers from across the country and world.  It is a celebration of photography and recognition of extraordinary image making.  The competition goals are:

• To encourage and recognize outstanding work that reflects personal vision as well as technical excellence.
• To increase market opportunities through vigorous post-competition promotion.
• To educate and inspire.

In keeping with the APA brand, photographers are encouraged to submit work that reflects forethought and planning, is message driven (away from generic images), and without a doubt, exemplifies technical excellence.

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APA is pleased to have Dripbook as the submission host for The APA Awards 2010 National Photo Competition.  Dripbook provides powerful, easy-to-use, and fresh promotional tools for creative professionals that promote your work on customized personal websites, iPhone interface, the Dripbook website and more.
About APA: American Photographic Artists (APA) is a leading American organization run by photographers for photographers, as well as other photographic professionals.  With a culture that is grounded in optimism and openness, APA supplies the necessary tools for business success, standards, and creative satisfaction.  This includes all levels of the photography profession.  APA understands that it is our job to be proactive.  We anticipate the practical, creative, and business needs of our members with ongoing resources and vigorous national advocacy.  APA's reach and standards are recognized worldwide.  Our inviting culture and common sense values provide the foundation for all that we do.