As Seen in Dripbook : : December 2011
Posted on 14th December 2011 by Alex Wright

Here's the December 2011 issue of our "As Seen in Dripbook" email promo, sent each month to over 36,000 art directors, art buyers, bloggers, editors and others interested in checking out the work of artists on Dripbook.

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Thank you all for your support, and thanks to Robert Gallagher, Ellen Weinstein, Jamie Breuer, and Katharine Polk for taking part in this edition.

And thanks to Agency Access for their help in delivering this email to the best and brightest in the advertising and media arenas.

To see a stand-alone version of the email promo, head here.

As Seen in Dripbook - December 2011

From the Folks at Dripbook:

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As Seen in Photography :
Photography portfolio of Robert Gallagher
Robert Gallagher -  Santa Monica, California
Robert Gallagher is a London born, Los Angeles based photographer best known for his iconic portraiture and raw reportage style. After starting out shooting sports, athletes are still a favorite subject - "you just can't fake their kind of commitment." Early in his career, after a hurried shoot with Deepak Chopra, he had a realization that he'd been referring to him as "Tupak." He now makes a point of remembering names. His clients include Paramount Pictures, Nike, Pepsi, Sports Illustrated, and Time Magazine.
As Seen in Illustration :
Illustration portfolio of Ellen Weinstein
Ellen Weinstein -  Knickerbocker, New York
Ellen Weinstein is based in New York City. Her work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Communication Arts, Print’s Regional Design annual and 3 x 3 Professional Show. She is a regular contributor to Time Magazine, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.
As Seen in Art Direction :
Art Direction portfolio of Jamie Breuer
Jamie Breuer -  Los Angeles, California
Jamie Breuer is a Los Angeles based art director whose visual storytelling stems from his passion for creating an experience for the viewer. From directing the team through the winding road of celebrity editorials and print advertising to creating sleek fashion stories for international outlets, he keeps his eye on the broad scope of each project and creates a peek into a world we’d all like to experience. His clients include Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, Bello Magazine, Wen Hair Care, C-Heads Magazine, L.A. designer AGAIN, and Coca-Cola.
As Seen in Fashion Styling :
Fashion Styling portfolio of Katharine Polk
Katharine Polk -  New York, New York
Katharine Polk moved to New York from Malibu to pursue her love of fashion. She's currently a Fashion Editor for FIASCO Magazine, a spokesperson for Designers Against Aids, and about to debut a ready to wear collection as Creative Director of Houghton. Her clients include Badgley Mischka, Jimon, ElleGirl, Nylon, 944, Polyvore, Estelle, Ksenia Solo, Chris Riggi, and Matt Lanter.

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