We made a (new) Tumblr App.
Posted on 7th December 2011 by Alex Wright

We love Tumblr . So do many of you - it's a great way to share imagery and video. We had an application before to post work from Dripbook to Tumblr, but we decided to make it way better.

Check out Dripbook's new Tumblr App. You can set up automatic posting to your Tumblr each time you add or update a portfolio on Dripbook. You can also manually select a portfolio - including video - and post it right away. With image books, you can choose which format you'd like to post - one, two, or three images at a time. And video plays right inside Tumblr, powered from your Dripbook account.

You may remember that last month we announced new share buttons on Dripbook, including one for Tumblr. These buttons work great - they are meant for visitors to your pages on Dripbook. The new Tumblr App announced today is meant for you, and it gives you more control and automation features.

Pretty fresh... Have fun! Let us know if you have any questions.