Dripbook releases Android App - free for all Dripbook subscribers.
Posted on 5th January 2012 by Alex Wright

Dripbook is happy to release a free Android App designed to display your personal portfolio on your Android phone. The App is similar in look, feel, and function to our popular iPad + iPhone app, also free for all subscribers. So now, all Android phones (we hope), iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches are all transformed into mobile portfolio presentations.

Download Dripbook's Android App for free and try it out on your Android phone.

Dripbook's Android App is designed to store your portfolio for offline use so that you can display your work even without a network connection. This feature works great on image portfolios - once you view each image portfolio, the images are stored locally on your phone. Right now, the video storage feature hasn't been fully implemented, so videos play on-demand via your network connection but are not stored locally on your phone. We intend to bring on this feature for a future release.

Many thanks to the talented and tenacious C. Enrique Ortiz for his Android developement skills (and for being fun and nice).

Okay - have fun, and let us know of any questions or issues. Thanks!

Dripbook's Android App

Dripbook's Android App

Dripbook's Android App