Dripbook releases new responsive HTML5 designs for exported websites - the Key Filmstrip and the Key Select.
Posted on 5th December 2012 by Alex Wright

We are proud to announce two totally new designs for exported websites that use responsive HTML5 technology instead of Flash.

Dripbook's new responsive HTML5 exported websites

These new designs offer the following features :

• All HTML5 - no Flash, no plugins needed
• Full bleed Splash images plus large display for images and video
• Disabled righ-click for viewer to save or copy images
• Responsive design means the website shrinks to fit on iPads and iPhones, expands to fit large monitors
• Responsive design means navigation automatically adapts to work on iPhones and Android phones
• No mobile re-directs - all links work on all devices
• Deep linking of URL web address - send links to individual genres or portfolios
• Sharing enabled for individual images on individual portfolios - share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin + Email
• Track individual views in real time with Google Analytics
• Use a custom logo with transparent background to display over images
• Use custom Google fonts
• Use the computer's keyboard arrows to advance images

Beyond all that tech talk, let's get on to the more fun part - what do these new designs look like?

The Key Filmstrip (HTML5) design :

Responsive HTML5 design optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile. Portfolios are presented visually using the portfolio's key image. Main images are presented as a progression of images next to each other.


The Key Select (HTML5) design :

Responsive HTML5 design optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile. Portfolios are presented visually using the portfolio's key image. Main images are presented with next + back selections and thumbnails.

Alex Wright Photographs + Motion

Looking for even more examples? Here's examples of all of Dripbook's website designs.

These new responsive HTML5 designs are built for modern browsers, so they won't work in older browsers like Internet Explorer 8. You are welcome to continue using the previous Flash designs - it's up to you.

Now let's get on to the funner part - how do you use these new designs?

Head to QuickNav > Export > Exported Websites, choose one of the designs, configure it, and export your new design to your web host.

Here are some important details when thinking about using the new designs:

• We recommend creating and uploading a custom logo with a transparent background. Check this FAQ with detailed instructions.

• Dripbook's new designs operate best with larger images. We are now asking that you upload images at least 2,000px high. Smaller images will work but may not look as good.

• Dripbook's new designs work best with high definition video - We are continuing to ask that you upload video at 720p or 1080p.

• Dripbook's new designs use larger Splash images and work ideally with Splash page images of a horizontal aspect ratio. We suggest that you upload Splash images from 3,500px wide by 2,000 px high to 3,000px wide by 2,000 px high. You are free to try any sizes you'd like.

Let us know if you have any questions.


From: Derek Richmond , December 7th, 2012 : 05:36p.m. UTC
With Dripbook you made my work load lighter, more efficient and an impressive way to showcase my photography as I navigate to my next job. Now with HTML5 exports you cleared the way to a seamless ride. Thanks!
From: helene loussier , December 7th, 2012 : 05:44p.m. UTC
congratulations Alex and Bo ! ! ! this is wonderful work !
From: Charles Olsen , December 7th, 2012 : 10:39p.m. UTC
Looks fantastic - great work!