Dripbook releases updated + totally rebuilt iPad + iPhone App.
Posted on 20th July 2012 by Alex Wright

We're proud to anounce a totally rebuilt, updated iPad and iPhone App - free for all portfolio accounts on Dripbook. As many of you know, we released our first iOS App early last year . It works well, but we wanted to improve it.

Dripbook's updated iPad + iPhone App

The biggest improvement we made is drastically improving how the App stores images and video for offilne viewing - the new App does a much better job than before. You can take your iPad or iPhone to an importrant portfolio review and not have to worry about local internet access - images and video are stored on the device in a much more stable way.

The App now downloads all your images and video when you first open the App. Then, each time you open it in the future, it will automatically syncronize itself with your Dripbook portfolio.

The App now loads larger images on the iPad, and graphics in general were updated for Retina displays. We also added additional share functions - share images via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Dripbook's new updated iPad and iPhone App can be downloaded from iTunes. If you already installed the previous App, you should check for an automatic update.

One note - if you normally use 3G or 4G cellular data to connect your iPhone or iPad, you may want to be on Wifi the first time you open the App. The App has the potential of downloading a lot of data when it's opened for the first time.

Okay - have fun and, as always, stay in touch with any questions .

Oh, and you lovely Android heads, don't forget that we've got you coverd, too, with Dripbook's custom Android portfolio App .

Dripbook's iPad iPhone App

Dripbook's updated iPad iPhone App

Dripbook's iPad iPhone App

Dripbook's iPhone iPad App Dripbook's iPad iPhone App

Dripbook's iPhone iPad App Dripbook's iPhone iPad App

Cosmetics product photography by Coolife:

Dripbook's iPad iPhone App

Music video fashion styling by Daryl G:

Dripbook's iPad iPhone App

Fashion campaign makeup by Toni Malt:

Dripbook's iPad iPhone App

Food photography by Dominic Perri:

Dripbook's iPad iPhone App

Dripbook's iPad iPhone App

"American Asylums" by photographer Jerremy Harris:

Dripbook's iPad + iPhone App

"Popular Mechanics" by Art Director Lucy Quintanilla:

Dripbook's iPad + iPhone App


From: Tony Gale , August 16th, 2012 : 08:34p.m. UTC
The Dripbook folks continue to come out with great features and updates! Thanks guys!