This Week on Dripbook: August 10th-16th
Posted on 14th August 2014 by Will Daniels

This week, we're showcasing 12 creatives from a variety of genres including Photography, Illustration, Makeup, Hair Styling, Set Design and Graphic Design. Take a look at their work below and if you'd like to see more, click on their portfolio links.

Ian David Marsden (Illustration)

Roxanne Rodriguez (Makeup)

Michal Araszewicz (Illustration)

Bert Kietzerow (Hair Styling)

Benoit Pailley (Photography)

Alfred Lester (Makeup)

Lisa Chamberlin (Set Design)

Kate Turning (Photography)

Ingvard the Terrible (Illustration)

Katie Moore (Graphic Design)

Yayoi Sawada (Photography)

David Vaaknin (Photography)