Success Stories : : Dianna Quagenti for Ross-Simons
Posted on 9th November 2015 by Austin Gould

Hair + Makeup: Dianna Quagenti
Photographer: John Bean
Art Director: Jodi Girard
Fashion Stylist: Pam Plummer
Model: Orla Roche/Maggie Inc
Client: Ross-Simons

Success Stories is a blog series where we talk to artists on Dripbook about their recent successful projects, providing industry insights from top creative professionals.

Continuing with this series, we hear from Dianna Quagenti, a Boston-based makeup artist. Read below to see what she had to say about this project:

"I loved working on this catalog!  I was referred to this client from another artist who has been working with them regularly.  Referrals artist to artist are huge and I'm so grateful for that.  It is always a great day when you not only work with amazing people who are talented, but, when you know you will end up with some beautiful images for your book. This is exactly the case with the team at Ross-Simons."

"I was contacted and booked by the brand's Photography Director who put me in touch with the Art Director.  About a week before the shoot, the Art Director emailed over the model's comp card, inspiration photos, storyboard, a shot list, and overall feel for the catalog.  I looked everything over, let it sink in and did some research.  I then emailed her back with some ideas of my own, including inspiration photos to communicate the look and feel I thought would work for the catalog.

The day of the shoot, first thing in the morning we had a mini pre-production meeting where we went over hair, makeup, wardrobe, and the shot list.  Everything was printed out on paper so that we could easily stay on the same page and reference the looks as needed.  I started with a loose wavy hairstyle, not too done but done enough to compliment the jewelry.  The makeup was soft, warm, and glowy.  I wanted to keep the makeup warm toned to harmonize with the background and Orla's coloring.  For the cover look, I loved the way the turquoise necklace contrasted with the warm orange tones in the background, the makeup, and Orla's hair.  I felt this would really make the necklace pop, and this shoot was all about the jewelry after all!"

"I changed up the hair as the day went on, a soft up-do to suit the different pieces and let the jewelry shine.  The makeup stayed just about the same all day,  just some minor changes to the lip color to enhance the changing jewelry, wardrobe, and background.  When it came time for the super close up shots of the earrings, I went in and made sure all of Orla's hair was smooth and away from the earring.  I also applied some redness-neutralizing makeup to her ears.  These details made for a better shot of the product and also saved the client time in post production."

"This shoot was smooth and fun and we were getting some really beautiful images!  I think the entire team was excited and inspired to keep shooting even when we already got the shot… Love those days! I am absolutely thrilled at how everything came out and cannot wait for the next one!"

Great work Dianna!

Check out her Advertising portfolio here .