Success Stories : : Alexei Vella - The Art of the Faux Pas
Posted on 2nd June 2015 by Will Daniels

Alexei Vella was hired by HOW magazine Art Director Adam Ladd, to create an image for "Visual Faux Pas Explored,” an article about the moment we realize we've had a lapse in judgment, and we have somehow offended the norm with our design work. We spoke with Adam about why he was drawn to Alexei's work and why it was a perfect fit for the project.

"Alexei's work is not only graphic, but his use of  bold and vibrating lines, as well as the added texture within the illustration, helps create a layer of tension within the image. Combined with his expressive character, it all adds up to an image that perfectly conveys the moment a serious faux pas has been discovered," says Ladd. We spoke to Richard Salzman, Alexei’s representative, who tells us that he likes to represent illustrators like Alexei who are thinkers, can tackle complex ideas, and also really draw. See more examples below.