Success Stories : : Johanna Lowe's Miracle Whip Shoot
Posted on 2nd July 2015 by Austin Gould

Miracle Whip Shoot

Food & Prop Stylist - Johanna Brannan Lowe

Photographer - Sam Kaplan

Agency - McGarry Bowen

Johanna Brannan Lowe:

"As a food and prop stylist based in Chicago I have the pleasure of working on some Kraft brand shoots with the agency McGarry Bowen.

They contacted me about a potential shoot with photographer Sam Kaplan based out of NYC. Once I saw Sam’s work and their concept for this campaign I was excited to work on something so fresh and creatively different from what we have done in the past. As part of the pre-production phase they sent me the recipes along with some visual inspiration and it was then my job to tweak the recipes from the test kitchen such that ingredients might be slightly altered and most of all that the presentation of the finished dish be in line with the bold and graphic concept they had in mind. This involved ultimate consideration for the way in which Sam wanted to produce his images, in line with his aesthetic, balanced with a respect for the hard work the test kitchen puts into developing the recipes."

"After a few go arounds we settled on our finals and the budget and shoot was approved. My job then entailed shopping for all the props, securing my favorite food stylist assistant, buying the colored backgrounds according to Sam’s specifications and getting the studio ready to house a team of about 15 people for 2 days."

"It’s always fun for me to be able to work on a job where I get to do both the food and the props. I consider the confluence of these two jobs to be a match made. It enables me to really immerse myself in the project and have a complete vision for how everything comes together. One of the challenges of this job was the fact that we wanted to shoot as much food as possible without plates or vessels of any kind. We wanted to create drama and fun through the visual execution by focusing as much as possible on the food without extraneous cues. Emphasis was placed on camera angle for heroic result and if we had to use a plate or bowl for something, it had to play very second fiddle. There was also obviously the challenge of keeping the paper as pure as possible when we were placing food directly upon it."

"Day 1 went great, day 2 went long. We wrapped at 9pm, happy and tired. It was a wonderful collaborative shoot, with great art direction.

Wanting to show these images as soon as possible is always on my mind following a successful shoot. It took 3 months to get clearance and now I am thrilled to finally get the release. I think they look great!"

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