Redesigned Email Promo : : Featured in Dripbook : : July 2015
Posted on 22nd July 2015 by Austin Gould

This month we unveiled a new redesigned, retina-ready, responsive email promo. We send these promos out every month to creative buyers and art directors at ad agencies, magazines, and in-house creative teams.

As always, we're focused on getting maximum exposure for the portfolios on Dripbook. Help us spread your success stories, recent campaigns, and published work - look for the Success Stories link further down the email promo.

Thank you all for your support, and thanks to Tegan Owens , Costis Papatheodorou , Rod Novoa , Rebecca Jefferson , and Johanna Lowe for taking part in this month's email promo.

And thanks to our partner Workbook for their help in delivering this email to the best and brightest in the advertising and media industries.

To see a stand-alone version of the email promo, head here.