Success Stories : : Chichi Saito for STYLE Magazine China
Posted on 14th August 2015 by Austin Gould

Makeup Artist: Chichi Saito

Photographer: Filippo Del Vita

Fashion Stylist: Elena Moussa

Set Design: Laura Garcia Serventi

Hair Styling: Eloise Cheung at Walter Schupfer Management

Models: Julia at Elite Model NY and Anka at Supreme Management

Client: STYLE magazine, China

Success Stories is a blog series where Dripbook talks to our artists about their recent successful projects, providing insight and perspective from different creative professionals in their industries.

Continuing with this series, we hear from Chichi Saito, a makeup artist from the MAC Cosmetics art department. Here's what she had to say:

"The great Italian photographer Filippo Del Vita asked me to work on a project for Style Magazine, China, part of a Chinese newspaper publishing house.

He said that the original idea was to develop the style of an old Russian countryside. That's why we have these types of flowers, the Russian book, Russian-inspired 'bandanas', and a lot of pieces from a Russian designer."

"Everybody did great work on this project. Elena Moussa is an amazing fashion stylist from Moscow, so she knew the Russian style from personal experience. Laura Garcia Serventi handled set design. She had to change each set background, so she worked very hard and made very beautiful work. Filippo was good about helping her with this. The hair stylist Eloise Cheung did beautiful work on this shoot, with traditional Russian hair, but in a very modern way!"

"I wanted to create a fresh classic Russian style of makeup, with a mix of the modern and feminine, so I researched Russian art, Russian dancers, and matryoshka before the shoot. To create the look we were going for, I used a bright red lip color, ClÉ de Peau foundation, Mecca highlight, MAC white pencil under the eye, Stila cream for the cheek, NARS lip pencils, and MAC lip gloss. The shoot was amazing; I thought it ran very smoothly. It was only one day, but Filippo, Elena, and Laura took a couple weeks to get ready, plus Laura and Filippo did retouching afterwards. I was very pleased with the final result."