Success Stories : : Hawk Krall Illustrates for Fader Magazine / Goose Island
Posted on 8th February 2016 by Austin Gould

Illustrator: Hawk Krall
Project Manager: Alexandra Blalock
Graphic Designer: Alberto Porto
Client: Fader Magazine / Goose Island

Success Stories is a blog series where we talk to artists on Dripbook about their recent successful projects, providing industry insights from top creative professionals.

Continuing with this series, we hear from Hawk Krall, a Philadelphia-based illustrator who was called upon to create comprehensive artwork for Fader Magazine's "Analog Migration" concert series, created in partnership with Goose Island. Read below to see what he had to say about this project:

"I was contacted by Alex at Fader to work on this multi-faceted project for Fader’s  Analog Migration concert series, a partnership with Goose Island where they do a series of concerts across the country that are recorded live for a limited edition Vinyl 7” release.  Alex had seen some of my other illustrated poster designs including a Black Flag poster that I did with the Philadelphia Poster Guild, an awesome local project that matches up Philly poster artists with bands playing in the city."

"Despite pretty tight, multiple deadlines I was excited to take on the project, especially for the Philly event (where I live) which also included T-shirt designs for a pop-up T-shirt station; and honestly pretty psyched to do a poster for Wu-Tang member GZA. All in all the project included posters and digital invites for both Philly (GZA, Whitney and DJ Diamond Kutz) and Portland (St Lucia and Conner Youngblood); 6 T-shirt and pattern designs for Philly, a quick 'free pretzel' coupon, and a fully illustrated gatefold cover for the 7” vinyl that is currently in production."

"The job started with sketches for the posters - and the digital invites, which were basically the same design but with slightly different dimensions and more information. I did loose sketches of a couple different concepts, Fader picked their favorites and I moved forward on a second stage of tighter pencil sketches. After some small tweaks I got the go-ahead on the posters, and moved to the final inked artwork. I work with brush & india ink using an Ikea light table desk, so I can see the pencil sketch under bristol board. Then scan the black & white line art, then refine and color the piece in photoshop."

"The lineup for both events changed a couple times, which meant some last minute changes or additions during various stages of the work - literally removing the drawing of a performer and drawing the replacement, and patching in into the artwork either in photoshop or old school style with elmer’s glue - with some of these changes coming pretty close to the deadline. But aside from the lineup changes and some color tweaks, the Fader team gave me free reign with the artwork, which is always awesome. The shirt designs were done the next week, and the illustrations and type for the 7” vinyl were completed after the concerts."

"Overall it was a terrific project to work on, and I had free reign to have fun with the artwork for everything, most of the changes were quick adjustments to the information and (hand drawn) text, and some technical things like converting t-shirt designs to vector. It was fun to work on the patterns - used for lettering fills on the T-shirts - something I rarely do and was happy with how they came out."

"Some of the changes were a little more last minute than I'm used to, but that’s sort of the nature of the live music business, and everything came out looking great in the end. It was also fantastic to be able to attend the event in Philadelphia, and see the artwork in action, not just on posters but projected on the stage during the performer’s sets, as a photo booth background and plastered on people’s T-shirts. I’m also excited to see the 7” Vinyl - which is still in production - the first time I’ve done a full cover illustration for a vinyl release."

Thanks for sharing your story and awesome work Hawk!

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