Success Stories : : Richard Borge Illustrates for Common Ground Magazine
Posted on 23rd May 2016 by Austin Gould

Illustrator: Richard Borge
Creative Director: Cori Canady
Client: Common Ground Magazine

Success Stories is a blog series where we talk to artists on Dripbook about their recent successful projects, providing industry insights from top creative professionals.

Continuing with this series, we hear from Richard Borge, an illustrator who primarily specializes in editorial and corporate / advertising illustration and animation / motion design. He recently worked with Common Ground Magazine on a JENGA concept to illustrate the instability of condominium associations. Read below to see what he had to say about this project:

"I was contacted by Cori Canady, the creative director for Common Ground Magazine for this project. The cover story was about laws that might be changing, which could destabilize condominium associations. The idea of a JENGA puzzle was used to emphasize the potential instability of the situation."

"I generally provide pencil sketches, but in this case I quickly built out a 3D puzzle game to use as the sketches. I showed Cori a couple of different angle options, and we went from there.  The interior illustration is essentially the same model, but shot from the inside of the structure. After creating everything in Cinema 4D, the final renders were tweaked a bit in Photoshop."

"It was a very smooth process. Cori was such a great collaborator and fun person to work with. I love it when the typography in the end adds to the illustration, which is the case in this piece."

Thanks for reading! You can see more of Richard's work here .