Success Stories : : Manny Jay Styles for XiOX Magazine
Posted on 9th August 2016 by Austin Gould

Fashion Stylist: Manny Jay
Photographer + Makeup Artist: Fidel Gonzalez
Styling Assistant: Ashleigh Simons
Model: Marvis Offor
Client: XiOX Magazine

Success Stories is a blog series where we talk to artists on Dripbook about their recent successful projects, providing industry insights from top creative professionals.

Continuing with this series, we hear from fashion stylist Manny Jay about a collaboration he did with photographer Fidel Gonzalez for the online publication XiOX Magazine. In the article Manny discusses how the project came about and his desire to create something bold and beautiful. Here's what he had to say:

"XiOX is the photographer Fidel Gonzalez's online magazine. While I styled this editorial and came up with the creative direction of the shoot, Fidel did the makeup, hair, and nails. The shoot came about because in the past i've worked with Fidel. We shot once before with the actress Tisha Campbell, and creatively hit it off."

"Fidel scouted this location. We shot pretty close to Palm Springs in a desert close to Fidel's studio. We all agreed that shooting in front of huge rocks and blue sky would make this editorial pop, and would make it feel more edgy."

"I've been wanting to style a colorful shoot for quite sometime. I knew I wanted a model with beautiful dark skin. I also knew I wanted to shoot on location. I contacted Fidel because we hadn't collaborated in a very long time. He was down and we instantly vibed on the direction of the shoot in it's entirety. The model's name is Marvis Offor."

"I pulled a ton of amazing looks, and I wish I had time to put together even more for this editorial. I wanted the model to look and feel bold and beautiful. I wanted the vibe and clothes to speak for themselves. It was a beautiful vibrant day. Her skin was glowing and the clothes were bright and fun. The model told me during the shoot she felt beautiful and confident in the looks I chose."

"Overall it's a piece I love and am very proud of. Fidel and his assistant worked very hard. From hair to make up to nails, and even photography! Marvis was very patient and professional, like a life size doll! My assistant was also on set holding it down. l love fashion and how fun is it to get creative in the desert. It was so hot but we managed!

If I could give any piece of advice to any aspiring creative it would be to never give up. I know that sounds clichÉ but it's the best advice I constantly remind myself with as well. It's easy to doubt yourself and also to compare your work to other people.  Just speak positive vibes even in the toughest times and continue to work towards your goal. On the days I doubt myself I like to think of this Will Smith quote, 'Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.'"

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