Workbook Launches a Brand New Website
Posted on 27th September 2016 by Austin Gould


We're excited to join with our sister company Workbook in announcing their beautiful, user-friendly, responsive, and overall stylish new website .

The creative industry has evolved in the past few years, so Workbook and Dripbook continue to keep up with the changes. Many photographers are now directing live action, illustrators are increasingly exploring animation, and digital artists continue to utilize CGI in new and creative ways. The new Workbook website has enhanced features to address these industry changes and provide art directors and buyers with a better browsing experience.

The new allows users to explore all the ways in which artists and production specialists are collaborating in today’s creative environment. We designed the new to provide you with current ways to express your ideas and brand content for your clients.

Here are some new features:

  • -Dynamic sizing so looks great on all devices
  • -More robust search capabilities via our new image tag search method
  • -Collaborative tools for easier managing and sharing your search results
  • -Fully integrated motion, animation, and CGI search categories
  • -It's REALLY fast

If you are a current Dripbook user that wants to join Workbook, talk to us about creating a specialized Workbook Group of Creative Services package that fits your budget.

So get creative! Explore today and let us know what you think - we’d love to hear from you!

Here’s what people are saying:

  • “I am loving the new Workbook site! As an art producer, I find it an amazingly valuable and user friendly tool when searching for talent. Their motion and animation link also has great variety in photography as well as illustration.” – Beverly Adler , Freelance Art Producer
  • "Wow, looks great. Love the new format. Easy to digest and to search. I love that the imagery is so large and in your face. Good job Workbook!" – Tom Saputo , Executive Creative Director , Saputo Design
  • "I think the new site looks and works great. Especially like the navigation, very intuitive and easy to use. Definitely an improvement over what was already a great site." - Paul Hill , Creative Supervisor , Martino Flynn