2016 APA Awards Selection Announced
Posted on 7th September 2016 by Austin Gould

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2016 APA Awards!

As supporters of the contest, we're happy to provide all of the following winners with prizes on Dripbook. Here are all of the winners:

Best of Show
Brad Trent

Rob Gregory
Jimmy Chin
Sue Barr

Tim Griffith
Jeremiah Gilbert
James Ewing

Vincent Dixon
Erik Almas
Nate Dorn

Maxine Helfman
Scott Council

Matt Sartain
Patrick Heagney
Ethan Pines

Jamey Stillings
Valerie Leonard
Allan Borebor

Fine Art/Personal
Kristofer Dan-Bergman
Kushal Kapoor
Todd Baxter

Isabella Bejarano
Todd Antony
Chris Edwards

Still Life/Food
Maren Caruso
Stephen Hamilton
Jeff Zaruba

Seth Joel
Chad Holder
Rob Brodman

Danielle Tsi
Ignacio Umana
Hannah Benet

Each winner will be awarded with one of the following prizes on Dripbook:

Best of Show:
Free Premium Account for LIFE including Blog and Social Media feature

First Place:
Free Premium Account for 1 Year, including Blog and Social Media feature.

Second Place:
Free Pro Account for 1 Year, including Blog and Social Media feature + 50% off Premium accounts

Third Place:
Free Standard Account for 1 Year, including Blog and Social Media Feature + 50% off Pro and Premium accounts

Congratulations again to all of the winners! We will be e-mailing you shortly with promo codes to redeem your prizes.

Head here to see a gallery of all the winning images!


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