A Spontaneous Shoot in New York City
Posted on 9th October 2018 by Austin Gould

This is a story about a group of artists in New York City who took a night to themselves to just get creative!

Jim Trzaska

About a year ago, Art Director Jim Trzaska had the opportunity to work on a fun project with a group of creative and like-minded collaborators. This project took place in New York City and was set up as a test shoot, so that all of the artists involved could expand their portfolios.

Jim Trzaska

Jim happened to be working on an e-commerce job with a stellar team, including a photographer, fashion stylist, hair & makeup artist, and model. They were all inspired by being on set with each other, and agreed they could use some fresh content for their portfolios and social media accounts. Spontaneously, they decided to stay after the shoot to have some fun and get creative.

Jim Trzaska

The spontaneity of the shoot made it unique, from the crew instantly clicking with each others' personalities, to the effortlessly chic styling and beauty cues that came through in the final images. Jim says this was one of those projects where a “less is more” approach served the crew well. He feels it is important for art directors today, particularly on the photo side, to be flexible and work nimbly, while still maintaining a consistent creative vision.

Jim happily wore many hats for this shoot, from casting to concept creation, story-boarding, prop styling and set design, to on-set direction and post-shoot editing. In his words, “I think the most crucial role of a good photo art director on any shoot is to strive to bring out the best in everyone on set through communication, collaboration and leading by example.”

Jim Trzaska

The biggest challenge Jim faced was the lack of time to plan, produce and actually shoot– the team was working all day and then they were racing against the clock to shoot enough looks to tell a cohesive story. They had limited time to shoot while they still had access to their studio space and before some of them had to depart for other obligations. Jim was determined to make it happen though, and stayed up late the night before pulling references and crafting a mood board. He also spent his lunch break on shoot day researching and purchasing props and set paper in NYC’s Flower District.

Jim Trzaska

Jim’s favorite part of this project was the team he got to work with. “It’s truly a gift to join a group of collaborators, who each bring something unique to the project, while still being on the same page creatively– and being able to laugh and have some fun, while turning out premium content, is an added bonus!”

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