Makeup Artist Tips for Freckles
Posted on 29th November 2018 by Austin Gould

We recently spoke to makeup artist Lisa Strutz about a project she did immediately following a shoot for Walmart. The project took place at Leftspace Studios in San Francisco, CA.

After Lisa and the crew she was working with finished a shoot for the Walmart holiday campaign, they had the model for an extra hour. To make the most of their time, they decided to create some beautiful images for their portfolios.

One unique aspect of this shoot from a makeup artist perspective, was the model's freckles.

Here's what Lisa had to say about doing makeup with freckles:

"The main goal when working with freckles is to have them shine through. However, you may still need to apply some kind of face makeup to even out certain areas of the face that might be photographing differently than the rest due to the concentration of freckles in that area. It is important to choose a very transparent cream or liquid base that is the right shade, so the freckles don't become ashy looking. When people try to match the foundation to the model's underlying skin tone, they usually run into problems. It's all about finding a happy medium and choosing a color that is in between the model's underlying skin tone and the tone of the freckles, and then applying lightly in the areas that need it. Freckles are unique and beautiful, and I believe less is more when it comes to applying makeup on someone with them."

When we asked Lisa what else was unique about this project, she told us it was the time constraint. She and the crew had about an hour to make 4 different looks come together to form a fashion/beauty story. It was very difficult to work in that time frame, since they had to come up with different looks, and execute them quickly and precisely.

While the time constraint presented a challenge, the pressure ended up leading to a fantastic experience with equally great photos. Lisa ended up loving the pressure, since it allowed her and the crew to create stunning images that everyone on the team was happy about. Lisa told us, "We had such a great crew and even though it was stressful, we all came together and as a result, our shoot was a success."

When we asked Lisa what advice she had for aspiring makeup artists, she told us, "I just want to stress the importance of having a good photographer who knows lighting whenever you are shooting a beauty story. We lucked out having one of the most amazing photographers I have had the pleasure to work with, Kate Powers. Our model was so naturally beautiful and Kate shot her perfectly. I'm really proud of this work and the people who helped make it possible!"

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