2018: A Look Back at Dripbook
Posted on 27th December 2018 by Austin Gould

As 2018 comes to an end, we take a look back on everything that happened at Dripbook in the last year.

We began the year by helping to launch a contest that gave away pages in the WORKBOOK to over 10 artists! This contest was in pernership with Grafolio , an artist portfolio website in South Korea that's owned by the largest tech company in that country, Naver . This exciting contest stirred a lot of attention worldwide and helped connect artists and buyers on a global level! You can read more about this contest here !

Summer is a time to sit back and relax! While many were having fun in the sun, Dripbook was launching a high-end Premium feature that users had been clamoring for: the ability to create 100% custom websites from scratch. While this feature is complex, it allows users who want full control of their website to put it together exactly as they please. With this feature, Premium users on Dripbook can now speak 1-on-1 with our developers, choose 1 of 14 templates to start with, and manipulate their website to look and function exactly as they envision it. Learn more about how to utilize these Premium website features here !

In July we heard from Photographer Dawn DiCarlo about a sportswear campaign she created for the activewear brand NUX . One of the greatest things about this shoot according to Dawn was that the client, "wanted to strike a balance between femininity and strength which was a really fun and exciting to do." Read more about this story here !

Later that month, Food Stylist Johanna Lowe shared her story about working on a Hardee's commercial promoting their new Southern Fried Thickburger. The food in the video looked delicious, and we really enjoyed getting a look into working with this nationally recognized fast food client. Check out this delectable story now!

Just last month we introduced a new feature that allows users to add the Facebook Conversion pixel to their Dripbook Exported website. With the new addition of our Facebook Pixel feature, you can use your Dripbook exported website to Track Website Activities, Reach New and Existing Customers, and Improve Your Return on Advertising. Read more about this exciting feature here !

These are just a few of our stories from 2018. Here's the full list of Dripbook's stories from the past year:

List of stories:

  1. Win a Sponsored Page in the WORKBOOK
  2. Photographer Conveys Feminine Strength to Expand Her Portfolio
  3. Examining Food Styling on a Hardee's Commercial
  4. Flower-Heads : : Stunning Fine-Art Retouching
  5. Part 1: Capturing the Essence of Oscar Nominees
  6. Part 2: Capturing the Essence of Oscar Nominees
  7. New Custom Websites for Premium Users!
  8. Styling Zoe Saldana for Glamour Magazine
  9. Illustrating the Future of Sex
  10. Portraying a Troubled ESPN for Variety
  11. A Spontaneous Shoot in New York City
  12. Facebook Pixel is Now on Dripbook!
  13. Makeup Artist Tips for Freckles

Which story do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!