Photographer Conveys Feminine Strength to Expand Her Portfolio
Posted on 16th July 2018 by Austin Gould

We recently spoke with Dawn DiCarlo about a photoshoot she did for the sportswear company NUX back in October. This job took place at Beachwood Studio , located in the heart of Hollywood’s photo district.

Dawn had worked on two projects with the creative agency HDF.LA beforehand, and so they reached out to her to photograph for NUX's Spring/Summer collection.

We asked Dawn what it was like shooting for this brand, and she said "Shooting for NUX was actually a lot of fun, although it came with some pressures. This was the first time the company was using outside creatives (the agency as well as myself) and the objective was to elevate what they had been doing in-house."

The "fun" Dawn mentioned definitely comes through in the imagery, but at the same time Dawn faced challenges on the shoot that she had to overcome before delivering the final product. On top of the pressure to elevate the company's brand beyond what they had done in the past, this was also Dawn's first time shooting athletic apparel.

"Often times when you think athletics, there is a certain aesthetic that comes along with the imagery: produced lighting that edges the athlete out, desaturated and intense color treatments, lots of action, and certain poses and such. However, NUX was looking for a more fashionable approach: softer lighting, strategic use of color, and capturing quieter 'portrait' and 'fashion' moments, all of which are very much in my wheelhouse. But they also wanted to strike a balance between femininity and strength which was a really fun and exciting to do."

We asked Dawn how she felt about shooting fitness apparel compared to other types of clothing and she told us, "Shooting fitness definitely makes me think more about action and movement vs. what I typically do, which is more traditional and thought-out composition. My hope is that we successfully incorporated the idea of athletic energy while keeping the imagery understated and fashionable."

Dawn also told us that her favorite part of working on this project was not only the fantastic team of people she got to work with, but also the fact that they were given room to play around. "We weren’t forced to shoot within certain creative ideas, which made for a fun and successful shoot," Dawn told us.

It's surprising to think that Dawn was able to deliver on the client's concept of feminine strength in such a perfect way, not only because the images are stunning, but because it was Dawn's first athletic apparel campaign.

We never would have known that from the images alone, and it's great to see an artist expand her portfolio by adapting her style and doing what she is good at: shooting photography. To us at Dripbook, this just demonstrates the value of developing your particular style, and adapting it as required by the client.

More of Dawn's work can be viewed on her Dripbook page .

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