Flower-Heads : : Stunning Fine-Art Retouching
Posted on 7th August 2018 by Austin Gould

Project Overview

We recently spoke to Tamzen Appunn about some incredible conceptual images she worked on back in March 2018. These photos were created at Roodebloem Studios, located in the evolving neighborhood of Woodstock, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tamzen did all of the Retouching for this project, which was an integral asepct of assembling the final images, since the photos are composites of people and flower bouquets. The initial photographs were created by Photographer Gavin Goodman, and Tamzen always loves being a part of his creative process.

The Concept

In Tamzen's own words, these images are "An exploration into the psychology of color in a quirky, parallel world of flower-heads. These images are a small part of a 12 image series. Every 4 images has a different color palette." We also asked her what her favorite part of this project was, and she told us, "I loved the overall idea and psychology behind the project, and of course I enjoyed the colour grading of the images, and allowing the series to be in harmony."

Technical Details

When we asked Tamzen about the specific details for how these images were created, she told us that everything was created in-camera. The set was built only a day before the shoot, and the photographs were taken on the Hasselblad H6D camera. Tamzen's job as the retoucher was to comp the series of images together to create the end result.

You can see all of Tamzen's latest work in her Dripbook Portfolio .

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