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New templates for exported Dripbook Sites. UPDATE.
Posted on 10th February 2009 by Alex Wright

Okay. So you all picked your choices of which new templates we should add to our ever-popular exported Dripbook Sites feature. We're going to be producing designs 2, 4, and 5. We'll keep the original three, bringing the total to six. So, as soon as we'...

Dripbook offers gift certificates. Give and receive.
Posted on 13th December 2008 by Alex Wright

Dripbook now offers gift certificates. Promotion is the #1 way to benefit a visual creative. So we've decided to make a way for others to give the gift of Dripbook. Give a Dripbook gift certificate by heading here. If you'd like to request a gift certi...
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Use Components to export your books to another Web site.
Posted on 8th December 2008 by Alex Wright

Here's a feature that's been around for a while, even though not all users know about it: Dripbook's Components are a simple, yet highly versatile feature allowing you to export the your books in HTML format to another Web site. You can even construct ...

Dripbook Sites Improved Again - Dripbook Goes Full Screen.
Posted on 16th October 2008 by Alex Wright

There's now a small checkbox that makes a big change in our popular exported Dripbook Sites. Dripbook now offers a full-screen display for each of our three Dripbook Sites templates. This new feature is simple. With the new full-screen display, the pre...

Happy First Birthday, Dripbook.
Posted on 10th October 2008 by Alex Wright

On October 10th, 2007, Dripbook opened our doors. That makes us one year old today. Our steady and strong growth around the world is directly thanks to you. So, pop open a bottle of beer or champagne or milk and celebrate what you all have contributed ...

Dripbook made a Facebook Application > UPDATED.
Posted on 8th September 2008 by Alex Wright

We've made some significant improvements to Dripbook's Facebook application based on a month's worth of testing and user feedback. You can now send updates to all of your friends on Facebook announcing a new book on Dripbook or updated work. Plus, when...

Finally, a decent explanation of all this.
Posted on 15th July 2008 by Alex Wright

So we have released the new About Dripbook pages. After all this time it's probably a good idea that we explain ourselves. Have a look through it all. You may stumple upon someething helpful, or fun. Or both.
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The Home and Browse pages had a baby, and it looks good.
Posted on 14th July 2008 by Alex Wright

Check out Dripbook's new Home page designs and functions. We've combined the Browse and the Home pages together. They're all one now. So head Home to see the Browse pages. To the right of the screen, look for the three viewing modes of the new browse f...
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New book functions.
Posted on 25th June 2008 by Alex Wright

So there is a new menu to the lower-right of the screen while viewing books on Dripbook: New / Modified Functions: Slide Show: Displays the current book as a slide show. Sit back and relax. Comments: Dripbook now allows commenting on private books as ...

Dripbook is getting real. Come along for the ride.
Posted on 17th June 2008 by Alex Wright

Okay. We try not to do this too much, but we're going to ask you to read all of this. We'll keep it short. We don't like reading, either. The big news is that in about four weeks, we will be "launching" the non-Beta, version 1, real-deal of Dripbook.Wh...