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Making the good better. Improving Dripbook Sites.
Posted on 19th May 2008 by Alex Wright

We've made improvements to the Dripbook Sites feature based on a lot of good feedback. 1) You can now upload a custom logo in place of your name. 2) You can now put a link to an external site directly into the navigation menu. 3) You can now turn off t...

Export your books. Free for all.
Posted on 7th May 2008 by Alex Wright

This feature has been around for a while, but everyone might not know about it. Dripbook allows all artists, Standard and Premium accounts alike, to export their books as "widgets" - small mini-players of your books. These widgets are Flash based so t...

Dripbook Stickers - campaign from the street.
Posted on 22nd April 2008 by Alex Wright

Finding these stickers all over. Here's a few snapshots. UPDATE - we're all out of stickers now. We didn't think you'd like them so much. We've mailed them to everyone who asked so far, even Lithuania and Australia. And we'll print some more and send y...

Dripbook Sites - our most bad ass feature.
Posted on 17th March 2008 by Alex Wright

Check out Dripbook Sites. This is our newest, biggest, and most bad-ass feature. Dripbook Sites allows you to export your public books on Dripbook as a fully customized, professionally designed personal Web site. Dripbook Sites is an add-on feature t...

Love Dripbook? Share the love.
Posted on 4th March 2008 by Alex Wright

Dripbook now represents thousands of portfolios by thousands of artists from 55 countries in 25 genres. And Dripbook has managed to grow like this while keeping the quality of work high on account of our invitation-only status. Let's keep it going. The...

Dripbook Sites - Letting the Cat out of the Bag.
Posted on 25th January 2008 by Alex Wright

Okay. Probably shouldn't do this. But it's been months in the works, and it's fun to do things you shouldn't do. Dripbook is ever closer to finishing our Dripbook Sites project. The quick and dirty is that you'll be able to export a full personal ...

New displays for the new year.
Posted on 28th December 2007 by Alex Wright

Well, we've been working on making good things better. Check around Dripbook - both the "Left Right Slider" and the "Thumbnails" display modes have been modified. Your images are larger, and the displays have been cleaned up. But the biggest chang...
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