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Photographer Conveys Feminine Strength to Expand Her Portfolio
Posted on 16th July 2018 by Austin Gould

We recently spoke with Dawn DiCarlo about a photoshoot she did for the sportswear company NUX back in October. This job took place at Beachwood Studio, located in the heart of Hollywood’s photo district. Dawn had worked on two projects with the ...
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Scott Giannini Creates Stunning Motorcycle Images for Allstate Insurance
Posted on 14th November 2017 by Austin Gould

We recently interviewed Scott Giannini regarding his automotive work for Allstate Insurance. Here's the story behind his project: Client: Allstate Insurance Project: 2012 Ad Campaign Agency: Leo Burnett Art Direction: Mikal Pittman Producer: Donna Vari...
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Photographer Draws Inspiration from Silence in this Personal Project
Posted on 17th October 2017 by Austin Gould

We're excited to share the story behind Benoit Pailley's personal project, "Monolith", a series that we at Dripbook found powerful in its solitude. Benoit is a photographer that lives and works in New York and Paris. He is inspired by contemporary art ...

A First Hand Account of work by Photographer Kevin Landes
Posted on 25th September 2017 by Austin Gould

1) When and where was this body of work created? It was created in Los Angeles California. It wasn’t shot for a specific client. I originally shot some watches with the hands for my commercial portfolio. I had been feeling drained by the comm...
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Igor Karash Illustrates The Legend of the Flying Dutchman
Posted on 11th July 2017 by Austin Gould

Check out our latest interview with illustrator Igor Karash regarding his illustrations for The Legend of the Flying Dutchman book! 1) When and where was this body of work created? Who was the client (if anybody)? This body of work is a set of digital...

Prop Stylist Plays with Flowers to Create Beautiful Campaign
Posted on 19th June 2017 by Austin Gould

The following post was written by Prop Stylist, Katie Moroney. Enjoy! This body of work was created last July in Studio. The Client was Endless Summer Hydrangeas. These images were used for billboards, the company's website, an ad campaign, and s...
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Photographer Explores the Rodeo's Predecessor, the Charreada
Posted on 25th May 2017 by Austin Gould

The following story and images are by the Chicago-based photographer Andy Goodwin, regarding his "Charreada" personal work series. Enjoy! This was a personal project I started a couple of years ago. All of the images were taken in the Chicagoland area ...
Featuring. Andy Goodwin
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Illustrations of Lesser-Known Black Historical Figures
Posted on 19th April 2017 by Austin Gould

We recently interviewed illustrator, viking, and root beer enthusiast Ingvard the Terrible, about some of his recent work exploring lesser-known black historical figures. Here's what he had to say: While many people learn about prominent African ...

Illustrator Shows Funny and Serious Sides of Presidential Candidates
Posted on 18th October 2016 by Austin Gould

The current state of US politics can feel almost humorous, yet very serious at the same time. To provide some relief from the verbal debates and squabbles, we thought we would share artwork from a Greek Illustrator named Costis Papatheodorou whose...
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