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Exported Websites updated for increased Search Engine Optimization.
Posted on 7th February 2010 by Alex Wright

This is an important update for anyone with an exported Website using the Dripbook Sites feature. We've made a number of improvements to increase the Search Engine Optimizations of your Website. In order to realize these improvements, you will need to ...

Slider, Thubnail Scroller, and Thumbnail Grid templates are updated.
Posted on 2nd November 2009 by Alex Wright

If you're currently using the Slider, the Thumbnail Scroller, or the Thumbnail Grid templates, you'll want to take note. We've completely reconstructed these Website templates to both modernize them and to prepare them for HD video support. You'll noti...

New displays for the new year.
Posted on 28th December 2007 by Alex Wright

Well, we've been working on making good things better. Check around Dripbook - both the "Left Right Slider" and the "Thumbnails" display modes have been modified. Your images are larger, and the displays have been cleaned up. But the biggest chang...