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I heard it through the grapevine.
Posted on 16th January 2008 by

I've got to admit, I'm slightly addicted to the like, three acceptable tv shows, Bravo has. But honestly, you were pushing it with Tim Gunn's Guide to Style - so let's stop while we're ahead. Giving everyone's favorite California Raisin, Rachel Zoe, her OWN REALITY SERIES ? Woah woah woah, now you've just gone too far!

Yes, you have a fabulous book that you've proved that you do indeed know the alphabet, but do we really need day-by-day coverage of the woman accused of pushing horse diet pills on 18 year old Hollywood it girls?

Plus, how potentially interesting could this show even be? Ms. Zoe said it herself, "My teenage drama years were a long time ago." - Boo! So where's the fun in that?