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And The Oscar Goes Too... Donatella!
Posted on 26th January 2008 by

When thinking of Couture the first designers that come to mind are most likely Chanel, Valentino, Lacroix and Dior.

Versace isn't a label that would spring to mind, thought of more for it's in-your-face sexiness not the impressive surface decoration. While the big guns went ahead at Couture week with grand shows and a list of celebrities on the front row too long to type, Versace quietly showed off it's Atelier Versace collection on just one model.

Modest the showing may have been, but the collection is bright and powerful, I can feel the stylists fighting over it already. With the Oscars, Baftas and Grammy awards all coming up in the next few weeks it is a race to see who grabs the gowns the fastest. My money is on Penelope Cruz who wore Atelier Versace last year to the Oscars when nominated for best actress. The orange dress (below) would look particularly stunning on her. I'm also hoping that at some point this year Diane Kruger gets a chance to wear the white dress (below).

Basically this collection was made for the red carpet. Gianni would be proud! (images style.com )


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